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Roy & Kali Family Dental Centre offers cosmetic dentistry options for anyone who wants to completely makeover their smile or dramatically improve their oral health. These changes are usually done with either porcelain veneers or with dental implants, respectively, to treat teeth that are cracked, chipped, missing or discoloured.

Why Visit a Cosmetic Dentist?

There are several different motivations for deciding to visit a cosmetic dentist. Insecurity surrounding the appearance of teeth is the most common, but more medical or functional reasons include misaligned teeth that cause chronic pain or headaches, lack of jaw support that can change face shape, and speech impediments due to missing teeth. A cosmetic dentist can create a smile that is both beautiful and functional.

Types of Procedures That We Perform

Based on what imperfection the dentist is trying to correct, the procedure performed will be different. Bleaching is a type of chemical process that removes stains and creates a whiter smile. Bonding fills gaps in a smile with a material that is the same colour as your teeth. It can also be used to change the colour of your teeth by covering the entire outer surface of a tooth. If you want an option that has a longer lifespan and colour stability than bonding, then veneers are a good choice. These thin pieces of porcelain are used to correct surfaces that are chipped, discoloured or crooked. Crowns completely cover a tooth in an attempt to restore a tooth’s shape and appearance. Of all the options, they are the most expensive and time-consuming, but they also have the longest life expectancy.

If you are worried about the state of your smile, we can give you many options that will leave you looking your best.

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